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Basketball programs offer community and connection for youth

Basketball drop-in programs,  school break camps, and youth leagues offer more than just learning to hoop—they’re a space of connection, community, and personal growth for young people.

Along with physical fitness, the fun and challenge of basketball can help youth gain self-confidence and learn focus and communication skills. For many kids and teens, the basketball court is a familiar space where they can just show up and play (solo, one-on-one, or on a team) and build relationships with peers and mentors.

In many communities, Friday night and weekend drop-in programs are a draw for middle and highschool students looking to hang out with friends in safe, welcoming spaces. In addition to court time, some Washington’s basketball programs incorporate other services and program offerings that range  from mental health counseling, leadership development, and connection with peers and mentors of shared cultural heritage.

Across Washington, there are a variety of basketball programs available for kids and teens. Elevate Washington’s free youth program directory features close to 100 programs.

Of the 600 searchable sports and activity programs in our free youth program directory, there are 96 basketball programs currently listed.

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