Elevate Washington is a community resource that captures and maintains data on youth-serving programs across our state.

SOWA created the Elevate Washington member system and youth program directory so that we have the tools and information needed to see where youth programs are operating in our state and better understand who’s being served. With this critical data, we’re able to advocate for resources and also provide families with an easy way to find programs in their area.

Key components of the Elevate data platform include:

  • A member system where providers report detailed and aggregate information on Washington’s youth-serving programs
  • A public directory for toward families, advocates and young people seeking a free, comprehensive tool to find and evaluate direct-service programming for youth (ages 5 to 25)
  • A service that offers tailored data solutions to partners and funders
  • A place to share stories and showcase the innovation and hard work of providers and programs

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