We can’t improve what we can’t see

Data—comprehensive, timely, relevant—is one of our most powerful tools to fully understand and advance expanded learning opportunities in Washington state. However, we’ve lacked the critical insights needed to do this work. Gaps and inefficiencies exist and we cannot adequately address them. We struggle to improve upon and unify our field because we don’t have all the information.

Data allows us to shine a light on needs and gaps so that we can move quickly to address what is not working and channel resources accordingly. With good data we can:

  • Equip providers with tools and insights to inform programming decisions and target services to where they’re needed most
  • Influence policy and practice so that we can increase access to quality programs for youth of color
  • Capture and maintain youth and staff demographics data so that we have a lens on who’s being served and by whom
  • Translate analysis into community-connected stories that center youth-serving professionals and youth voice 
  • Track private philanthropy and public dollars, over time, so that  we can analyze the impact of such investments
  • Ensure that anyone —families, advocates, young people, educators, etc.—can access basic information about youth programs in their community

Insights to drive change.

Ours is a multifaceted data platform—an evergreen resource that makes youth program data and analysis accessible to everyone. Key components include:

  • A member system that captures and maintains detailed and aggregate information on Washington’s youth-serving programs
  • A service that offers tailored data solutions to partners and funders
  • A resource with tools and information for providers around data use 
  • A place to share stories and showcase the innovation and hard work of providers and programs.
  • A public directory geared toward families, advocates and young people seeking a free, comprehensive tool to find and evaluate direct-service programming for youth, ages 5 to 25 

What’s next

We are currently working to improve our member data system with enhancements that will make reporting easier and new features that empower providers to access and use data more effectively. 

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