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Elevate Washington Data Guide—Spring 2023

This document provides a detailed outline of the data we collect from providers about their organization, sites, and programs.


Elevate Washington collects detailed information that influences research and reporting. A smaller set of information is displayed on program profile pages in the youth program directory.

Some programs are added by School’s Out Washington staff and reflect information that is publicly available on an organization’s website. Most programs, however, are listed by the organization that operates the program. School’s Out Washington reviews but does not formally vet these programs. Programs must meet the minimum criteria of offering expanded learning or supportive services for youth in Washington who are between the ages of 5 and 24. Program providers include nonprofits, businesses, and agencies that provide afterschool enrichment, childcare, youth services, and a range of other opportunities. 

Information in the member system is structured hierarchically with the Organization at the top, then Site(s), and then Program(s ). Each level has a unique profile where members enter information. For most organizations with just a few programs or sites, the process of creating your account, adding your profiles and entering your information should take less than an hour.

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