Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here, please send us an email at: You can also  browse the Elevate Washington member system user guide for more detailed instructions and tips on creating and managing your profiles.

I see my program in the youth program directory, but the information is inaccurate or missing. How can I fix this?

If your program is already listed in the youth program directory, you will need to create an account with Elevate Washington and then claim your organization. Once you’ve been verified, you will be able to edit existing info and provide more detailed data. Here’s how to claim your organization.

How does the member system work?

Elevate Washington collects information about organizations, the site locations where programs are offered and details about each program.

Information in the member system is structured hierarchically with the Organization at the top, then Site(s), and then Program(s). Some organizations have one site and one program and others have multiple sites and many programs.

Each level has a unique profile where you enter information. Details range from contact information to youth demographics. An overview of the data we collect can be viewed here.

Once your organization is approved, your sites and programs are automatically listed on the youth program directory (you have the option to unpublish programs, btw). You can also can invite other staff to join and help update profile information.

About Elevate Washington

Elevate Washington is a project of School’s Out Washington.

Elevate Washington is a community resource that captures and maintains critical data on Washington’s youth-serving programs. From site details and youth demographics to funding sources and program locations—our insights and analyses are designed to inform programming, funding, systems-level strategy, advocacy and more.


How does School’s Out Washington use my data?

Elevate Washington asks for a range of information that is used to inform research and reporting that SOWA produces. A smaller set of information is displayed on your public-facing profile page in the Youth Program Directory.

Information used to create reports and share insights with partners is presented in aggregate form—meaning it’s part of an anonymized compilation of data with the sum being the data point that is shared. Specific details about your organization and programs are never revealed without your permission.

Information used in aggregate reporting includes:

  • Funding sources and totals
  • Staff and board demographics
  • Youth demographics
  • Program enrollment details

When you add or claim your organization profiles, you must agree to this data sharing agreement.


What kind of data does Elevate Washington ask for?

Elevate Washington collects information about organizations, the site locations where programs are offered and details about each unique program. Below is an overview of the types of data we ask for.

  • Organization details
  • Funding sources
  • Youth, staff and board demographics
  • Site and program details (address, contact info, cost, eligibility requirements, offering categories, times of service, days of service, etc.)

View our data guide for more details


Who can I contact for support?

For direct support regarding Elevate Washington, please email with questions or to report any errors or bugs that you might be experiencing.

We’re always happy to schedule a Zoom session or phone call to talk through your questions and help you get started.

You can also use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.

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