Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here, please send us an email at: You can also  browse the Elevate Washington member system user guide for more detailed instructions and tips on creating and managing your account.

Which data fields show up in the youth program directory?

Most of the data you provide is not made public. However, some information is presented in the public-facing youth program directory. This information is intended help people find and evaluate available programs in their area.

  • Program description and logo or photo
  • Offering categories
  • Site details and contact info
  • Web page link
  • Days and times of service
  • Languages spoken
  • Cost
  • Registration, eligibility and documentation requirements

Browse the youth program directory to see how your information will be presented.

Who should be an administrator?

The person who registers an Organization or Site is automatically made the administrator.

You can change or add administrators on your dashboard under the “Accounts” tab. Administrators should be someone with access to an Organization’s internal reporting and human resources information.

Where is data being collected for aggregate reports?

Data reflected in the aggregate reports is collected from the program level. While an organization may have reported similar information, the accuracy and availability of data is based on the number of programs in the Elevate Washington member system.

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