Elevate Washington is a program of School’s Out Washington (SOWA). SOWA is committed to safeguarding contributor privacy. We operate under the following set of privacy principles:

The only information SOWA obtains about online contributors or individual visitors to Elevate Washington is that which is supplied voluntarily by contributors or visitors or is already part of the public domain. In cases when SOWA may need personal information to provide visitors with customized content or to inform them about new features or services, visitors are explicitly asked for that information. Personally identifiable information provided by visitors (e.g., name, email or home address, etc.) will not be disclosed to any other party. If, at any time, SOWA believes it would be to the benefit of site visitors and contributors to share information with other organizations, visitors will be explicitly asked for permission to do so.

Elevate Washington is not designed for use by children nor does the Web site seek to collect information on children who may visit the site. SOWA employs strict security measures to safeguard all online data: A secure server hosts files and forms that are used to complete profiles. Personal contributor information is stored in a secure database and any data sent to third parties to complete a transaction are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Additional details on our information gathering, use, and privacy practices are provided below.

General information about all users:

To determine the number of visitors to our site and the most—and least—visited pages on the site, SOWA gathers statistical information on a monthly basis to understand how the public is using the site. These statistical reports do not contain any personal information on visitors to the site. In addition, SOWA uses the information stored in Elevate Washington for advocacy purposes. Personal information is not shared with third parties, although aggregate data may be used to report demographic information.

Personal information about you:

Elevate Washington will ask you for such personal information as your email address and past employment. This is to provide service and information to you over multiple organizations you may be a part of. Your personal information will be used in aggregate to track trends in the youth development field, although your personal profile and individual Information will only be visible to SOWA admin and is not shared with any other party. SOWA will notify you by email of additions to the registry, or to convey other important information.

Information about your organization, site, or program:

Elevate Washington is hierarchical in structure and involves organizations, sites, programs, and individuals. Organization and site administrators should have access to human resources data for their site or organization as they will be able to create aggregated reports on their workforce.

  • Organization Administrator: If you are the administrator for your organization, you will be able to view data and run reports on your organization, all associated sites and programs, and create aggregate reports on workforce data.
  • Organization Read-Only: Users associated with an organization can view data and run reports on their organization and on all associated sites and programs.
  • Site Administrator: As a site administrator, you will be able to view data and create reports on your site, as well as all associated programs and aggregate workforce data for your site staff.
  • Site Read-Only: Users associated with a specific site can view data and create reports using your site’s data, as well as on all associated programs.

Corrections to your information

If you are unable to access your account, or are unable to change your information, you may notify Elevate Washington by the following means:

Send an email to us at info@elevatewashinton.org indicating the changes in your information.

Or, call (206) 336-6936.

Write to:

Elevate Washington
801 23rd Ave S, Suite A
Seattle, WA 98144

External Links

In order to provide visitors with convenient access to additional information, SOWA offers links to various third-party Web sites. SOWA exercises no authority over linked sites, each of which maintains independent privacy and data collection policies and procedures. SOWA assumes no responsibility or liability for these independent Web sites.

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