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Elevate Washington is a member-based youth program data system and public directory. We capture insights about organizations and businesses that provide afterschool enrichment, youth services and community resources for children and young people (ages 5 to 24). Elevate Washington is a service of School’s Out Washington, the state’s leading resource for expanded learning professionals.

If you haven’t already, join hundreds of other Washington youth programs and become a member! 

Get on the map!

The first step is to create an account and build out your profiles with details about your organization, site(s) and program(s).

Elevate Washington asks for a range of information that is used to inform research and reporting. A smaller set of information shows up in your public-facing page in the Youth Program Directory.

Check out our data guide to see what kinds of information we ask for. Questions about getting started? Send us an email at:

Families use the directory to find programs in their area.

Your sites and programs are listed in our youth program directory. The directory is a free resource for families, advocates and young people to find and evaluate programs for youth, ages 5 to 24.

Members also benefit from paid and organic search engine and social media marketing designed to help people find and access the programming they need.

The information you share helps us target resources and impact policy.

Data is one of our most powerful tools to fully understand and advance expanded learning opportunities in Washington state.

It allows us to shine a light on needs and gaps so that we can move quickly to address what is not working and channel resources accordingly.

Learn more about our work to elevate the expanded learning field at School’s Out Washington.

How it works

Elevate Washington collects information about organizations, the site locations where programs are offered and details about each program.

Information in the member system is structured hierarchically with the Organization at the top, then Site(s), and then Program(s). Some organizations have one site and one program and others have multiple sites and many programs.

Each level has a unique profile where you enter information. Details range from contact information to youth demographics. An overview of the data we collect can be viewed here.

Once your organization is approved, your sites and programs are automatically listed on the youth program directory (you have the option to unpublish programs, btw). You can also can invite other staff to join and help update profile information.

Questions? Check out our FAQs page or send us a message

Getting started


Create your account

Click the JOIN NOW button and then provide your name, email address, and a password. You'll receive an email verification. Follow the link in the email to log in to the member system.


Add or claim your organization profile

Once you're logged in, you'll need to create your organization profile. You'll be asked to include basic information for one site and one program as well. If you already see your information in the youth program directory, you'll be prompted to claim your organization. Simply enter the name as it appears in the directory.


Complete your profiles

Elevate Washington will review your profile submission within 2 business days. You can continue to add information during this time, including additional site and program profiles.

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