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Check out what’s new on Elevate Washington!

This past summer, School’s Out Washington was hard at work making improvements to the youth program directory.

So what’s new?

A easier-to-use search tool and program detail page
We enabled better search filters and map functions that make it easier to locate programs in communities around Washington. And, we redesigned the program detail page to showcase information that helps people quickly scan and decide if a program is right for them.

Additional program details
Youth program providers can share more details about their program that will help families search for and evaluate which services and expanded learning opportunities are right for them. This information also helps us target resources and impact policy. New program detail options include:

  • Days & Times—Providers can now specify a date range as well as hours of operation. And, we’ve added categories for school breaks so that people can easily identify which programs offer child care and/or enrichment activities for working families during holidays, spring break and summer.
  • Cost & Payment Options—We learned that two key words that people often use when searching for programs are “Subsidy” and “Voucher.” Providers can now select “Subsidy/Voucher” in addition to specifying other details about cost and payment.
  • Accessibility Features—Elevate Washington is the only online resource in our state that highlights youth program accessibility features. SOWA worked with the Play Equity Coalition to determine which terms to include. Providers can also add additional accessibility terms that are unique to thier program.
  • Program Photos—In addition to a logo, providers have the option to share photos from their programs.
  • And More—Providers can outline health and safety protocols and specify a program’s format (in person, mobile, hybrid, online). They can also let families know that they provide meals or snacks during programming.

Are you a nonprofit, business, or public agency that offers afterschool enrichment, childcare, youth services, or other opportunities for children and young people (ages 5 to 24)? If you haven’t already, join hundreds of other providers and list your program!

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