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“We make our constituents feel like they have a home, where they can go and be understood. … Our students are able to have a deeper understanding of real-world challenges and are encouraged to find solutions. ”

Iraqi Community Center of Washington

Welcome to the Elevate Washington Youth Program Directory!

From camps and after-school classes to services and support, this directory features programs that help build lifelong skills, improve academic performance, provide safe spaces outside the school day and inspire young people to discover their passions.

Please note—program listings may not represent actual provider capacity for childcare or other expanded learning opportunities during COVID-19.

Who should Join?

Our members include nonprofits, businesses and agencies that offer afterschool enrichment, childcare, youth services and a range of other opportunities and support for children and young people (ages 5 to 24). Elevate Washington is a service of School’s Out Washington, the state’s leading resource for expanded learning professionals.

If you haven’t already, join hundreds of other programs and become a member.

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